About me

Who am I?

My name is Joonas Merelä and I am one of the first professional Performance Coaches in disc golf. Currently I am working with the Finnish National Disc Golf team coaching, and also I work with multiple Disc Golf Pro-level players.

I base everything I do with proven science. Disc Golf is a fast-growing sport with not that many studies done to this date, and therefore I have also thoroughly studied the mechanics of both Golf and Baseball.

My educational background is in sport medicine and coaching, sports massage therapy, and orthopedic osteopathy. You can read more about me here and make sure to check out my Instagram as well.


  • Orthopedic Osteopath (OOKK)
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach (Atletica Training)
  • Sports Medicine and Coaching (XAMK)
  • Numerous additional trainings related to sports sciences, biomechanics, and sports injuries.


I have been involved in the sport since 2019. I started playing the sport in 2017. Coaching and performance training for players are close to my heart. I have been working full-time in disc golf coaching since 2021. Currently, I work with individual coaching clients and serve as a coach for Disc Golf Team Finland.

My work includes programming training, physical conditioning, throwing and skill coaching, as well as conducting various training sessions.

Joonas Merelä


Arkkimer Oy
VAT: FI23529644